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The Fri3Oil System is based on a dedicated machine that will perform Refrigerant Recovery - Removal of refrigerant from refrigeration system circuits, Refrigerant Recycling - Removal of oil, acid, water and particles from the recovered refrigerant and Refrigeration System Cleansing - Complete flushing / cleansing of the refrigeration circuit to remove oil, acid, water and particles. The No.1 machines for refrigerant recovery.

"The Multi-purpose and Multi-Refrigerant
Refrigeration Cleaning System."

Fri3Oil works with any type of refrigerant and can be used on any type / size of refrigeration or air conditioning system. Fri3Oil is thus ideal for refrigerant/oil conversions (retrofits of MO/POE Oil) or the removal of all contaminants following a compressor motor burnout.

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With the phase-out of virgin R22 now upon us, many systems will require retrofitting with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Refrigerant Recovery Machines: Cleanliness of the system is of the utmost importance. Therefore all systems need to be flushed and cleaned to a high level to ensure that all contaminates and oil are removed prior to carrying out strength and pressure testing and evacuation of the system in accordance with BSEN 378.

This is where the Fri3Oil system is invaluable, as the best, user friendly, efficient means of achieving the high level of system cleanliness to ensure smooth retrofitting of systems as well as prolonging the life of any refrigeration/air conditioning system.

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User friendly, efficient means of achieving the
highest level of system cleanliness.

Fri3Oil System Features

The FRI3OIL System enables the original refrigerant to be adequately cleaned on site to a level that allows it to be re-used. Until now, it was necessary to recover the corrupted refrigerant to recovery cylinders, transport this to a specialist company who would charge £5/kg (or more) to destroy the entire quantity, attain and complete the Refrigerant Waste Transfer Note and finally purchase replacement refrigerant at £10/kg or more.

The FRI3OIL System saves substantial energy by eliminating the need to transport the waste refrigerant, transport to deliver new refrigerant and the energy required for destruction. It is only waste contaminated system oil that requires disposal.

To find out more about how Fri3Oil can benefit your business, contact us or speak to one of our technical team on: 023 9223 0007

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The Fri3Oil System utilises the following principles:

"Miscibility & solubility of refrigerant and oils, coupled with that of acids and water.

Refrigerant / Oil / Acid / Water decanting and separation through evaporation."